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Hardware and Networking is a vast field in India. It is refers to the process of supplying data and information by linking the group of networks using hardware’s such as switches, hubs, gateways, access points, network interface cards, networking cables. To be more specific, hardware networking includes all peripherals, computers, interface cards and other tools required for communications and data processing in the network. .

Computer hardware professionals take care of the maintenance of computer hardware, while networking involves connecting a group of 2 or more computer systems for sharing data and information.

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Bhuvi is a front-end developer for individuals and companies who are lost in the sea of modern web and user experiencestandards. He has a quarter century of web development experience building a wide variety of web sites and applications.In recent years, he focused on responsive web design, single-page web applications and web performance optimization.

Bhuvi runs a small web consulting company, focusing on user-first web applications that operate on all devices. It offers web development and analysis to help companies engage end users and operate more efficiently. He hasbuilt modern web experiences for hundreds of businesses and individuals, ranging from mom and pop shops to major corporatebrands.

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